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Gay Quaker Parrots

Literary Slash

Literary Slash
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This community is for posting queer quotations from texts written prior to 1950.

The title comes from a lesser-known novel by Defoe, Captain Singleton, which features a very fetching pirate couple, one of whom is a Quaker. "Gay Quaker pirates" was accidentally misheard by someone as "gay Quaker parrots", and there you go. Unfortunately "gayquakerparrots" was 16 characters long and we're only allowed 15 for a title, so there's a discrepancy between the community title and what we're actually calling ourselves.

1. No fanfic, this isn't for posting stuff you've written yourself. We like our authors dead, please.
2. Put anything long or spoilery behind a cut, and bear in mind that everything should be considered potentially spoilerish. Author/title should be outside the cut.
3. Put anything sexually explicit behind a cut and mark it as such.
4. Copy the quotation in accurately and write about it in comprehensible English. Or we'll bite.
5. Keep the quotations a reasonable length. Don't post the whole of Othello. Don't post the whole of III.3 either.
6. A certain amount of contextualisation is nice, such as saying who the characters are and what the situation is.
7. If the quotation uses obsolete innuendo etc., it's helpful to explain it at the bottom. For instance, the cigarette case scene in Earnest makes much more sense if you know that "Cecily" was slang for "rent boy", and that they were frequently paid with cigarette cases.
8. This is intended for fun, but some of us may actually end up using the quotations for studying. So it would be appreciated if you could reference anything you post with the author, editor and/or translator (if applicable), publishing house and year of publication (if it's from a printed text), URL (if it's from an e-text), page reference and/or act/scene/line reference.
9. Similarly, the tag system is very useful for referencing, or just for finding your favourite author/period. It would be appreciated if you could tag all posts with the author and century, e.g. Shakespeare, 1600s.
10. Comments about the text you're quoting are most welcome, especially if it's an unconventional pairing and you need to make a case. No one's going to argue about whether Achilles and Patroclus were an item, but not everyone agrees that every man in Dracula is burning with unspoken lust for Quincey Morris.
11. Please put all posts (including excerpts) in normal-size, regular black font. Some of us have visual problems, and pink or tiny font is a nightmare to read.

There are lots of e-libraries around, for instance:

Project Gutenberg
Classic Reader
Blaskmask Online
The Online Books Page
The University of Virginia E-text Center

moderated by elettaria and elfbystarlight

A list of available tags is here which will be updated as new tags are made available. Tags can also be added after making an entry, by clicking on the 'edit tags' button on the entry, which will show a list of available tags.

If there is a useful tag that is not in the list of available tags, please post to the comm with the subject 'Tag Request' (to make sure the mods see it) and it will be added.